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Common Questions You May Have As An Applicant

Since many of our clients don’t advertise, we can open doors for you that are not accessible through your own efforts. Our clients have busy well established practices and are much more likely to offer benefits such as medical insurance and pension plans. We will not waste your time by referring you to dental offices that are too far from your home, whose hours are inconvenient for your schedule or are not willing to meet your salary requirements. In short, we will not send you to dead-end interviews.

We have served the Houston dental community since 1979. We are Houston’s pioneer dental staffing company. Having visited over 5000 dental office and interview over 6000 applicants, we know what you are looking for.

The dental offices pay our fee. We do require a contract, but it applies only to the offices to which we refer you. You are free to look for jobs on your own. If you find a job on your own, neither you or the dental office have to pay us a fee. However, you are obligated to tell us if a dental office to which we referred you asks you to return at any time within twelve months. You are free to discontinue your association with us at any time. Watch out for staffing companies that have two-year contracts—ours is the “industry standard”.

No! We have streamlined our application and interview process. Our application will be sent to you as an Adobe Esign Document that you can complete and sign online. Your interview will be conducted online via Face Time, Duo or WhatsApp.

You will need an error-free resume and documents that establish your identity and eligibility to work in the United States. Depending on the position you are applying for, additional documents such as your professional license, CPR card, DEA, relevant certifications and liability insurance may be required.

All the time! Working temp is a great way to check out a lot of different offices until you find the right one for you.

Not with dental offices—only with us. Our clients trust us to effectively screen and refer temps that will meet their needs. Sometimes for long-term assignments like maternity leaves, we will allow interviews.

On temp jobs, we set the hourly wage. Your compensation is based on the overall market conditions in Houston and on your experience. Frequently, people who work temp earn more than at their last permanent job.

Each dental office will pay you a predetermined hourly rate set by us. Some dental offices pay you at the end of the day or week. Some mail checks every two weeks.

We are always looking for temporary workers. We keep our temps pretty busy—especially those who can work any day of the week. How busy you will be is dependent on the hours you are available and how far you are willing to drive. Most people are willing to drive a little further for a temp job than a permanent position.

Some dental offices call us to schedule temps several months in advance and some call the morning of. Usually you will have several days’ notice.

Of course. We understand that you may not be available every time we call. We will be happy to keep you in mind for temp jobs, even if you can only work one day a month. Just keep us posted on your availability.

Absolutely! You tell us which days you are available and we will call you for work on those days.

We feel it is important for your long term job satisfaction to work within a reasonable distance of your home, especially for a permanent job. It is OK for you to say “no” if we call you about a job you think is too far or the hours are inconvenient.
If you are currently employed or just don’t want to work as a temp, we will be happy to conduct a permanent job search.
Yes! We can help with part time jobs, full time jobs, short term temp jobs and long term temp jobs.
Yes! Unlike some staffing companies who deal mostly in temporary work, we have lots of permanent positions. We count many of Houston’s finest dental practices among our clients.

The first step is to send your resume. Once we evaluate your experience and work history, we will call you to discuss your needs and answer any question you might have about working with a staffing company.

Depending on the position you are applying for, we have different experience requirements. We accept hygienists right out of school. Dentists need one year or have completed one year of a residency program. Assistants and admin staff must have two years of experience.


I would like to say as a Registered Dental Hygienist how great it is to work with Dental Assistance. They are flexible and keep me busy when I want to be. Dental Assistance is a valuable staffing company with flexible and kind staff.

-Jaime O. RDH

I have enjoyed working as a temp hygienist for Dental Assistance. They keep me busy when I need to work. I am very grateful for everything they have done for me. Jim Holley found me my first dental hygiene job in Houston back in 1987. I've been using his services ever since then. Thanks again for being there for me Dental Assistance.

-Duelda F. RDH


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